Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Music-theatre and opera

Crossroads Talk (1984) Cl(Bass Cl). Alto Sax(Baritone Sax) Piano(Synth) Percussion (Narrator) Violin(Viola) 6 min 7 December 1984 Gemini; Eleanor Rathbone Theatre, Liverpool.

Teoponte (1988) Soprano, Mezzosoprano, two Tenors, Baritone, Bass, pre-recorded sounds 35 min Text in English by Agustín Fernández. Commissioned by Innererklang Music-Theatre. 23 May 1988 IMT Bloomsbury Theatre, London International Opera Festival.

Botanic Journey (1991) Mezzosoprano and piano. Text in English by Robyn Archer. 10 min 4 February 1991 Garden Venture; ICA, London.

A Queen Has her Portrait Painted (1991) Two sopranos, piano. Text in English by Edward Kemp 5 min 4 February 1991 Garden Ventrure; ICA, London.

The Wheel (1993) Soprano, Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, Perc Accordion Pno Guitar(Mandolin) Vla DBass Words in English by F Hayes-McCoy 30 min Commissioned Garden Venture at the Royal Opera House. 29 May 1993 Garden Venture cond Chris Willis; Riverside Studios, London.

Books and Night (1995) Four sopranos, Baritone, Chorus (SSAA) Trumpets x 2, Trombone, Timpani. Words in English by Agustín Fernández, Felicity Hayes-McCoy and John Keats. 15 min Commissioned Opera Trail. 26 August 1995 Garden Venture cond Michael Finnissy, Bury St Edmunds Library.

Prison Letters (2013) soprano, baritone, chamber choir (SATB), chamber ensemble (clarinet/Eb clarinet/basset clarinet, violin, viola, cello). Words in English by Agustín Fernández. 15 min. 23 August 2013 Bonnie Shaw (soprano), Rob O'Connell (baritone), Voices of Hope (choir), Dov Goldberg (clarinets), Jenny Chang (violin), James Slater (viola), Daniel Hammersley (cello), conducted by Agustín Fernández; Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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